About us

Blue Haveli is designed to inspire your creative flair.

Inspired by dedicated artisans from developing countries, Blue Haveli creates a collection of unique items, featuring hand stitching, quilting, appliqué and block printing on cotton, wool, linen and silk. Our style is provocative, personal and informal. We believe that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them all up. 

Born with a creative spirit and a love for colour, design, travel and adventure a dream of bringing home, sharing and being surrounded by beautiful things has become a reality. At Blue Haveli we have a belief that beautiful interiors enhance your passion for life. We carefully select collections to allow for layering of patterns, colours and textures within the home.

Based in the creative throng of Paddington in Sydney, Blue Haveli is a young and dynamic business that believes everyone deserves a beautiful home. 

We hope to inspire you to begin your next adventure!